QUEER EXPERIMENTAL FILMMAKERS (grant, July 17) by Bear Guerra

Via Barbara Hammer Grant:

“The Barbara Hammer Lesbian Experimental Filmmaking Grant is an annual grant awarded to self-identified lesbians for making visionary moving-image art. The grant is supported directly by funds provided by her estate and administered through Queer|Art by lesbians for lesbians, with a rotating panel of judges. In her last few months with us, Barbara decided to increase the grant amount, as she understood so well that a bit of financial help could make a big difference in a project. This year Queer|Art is pleased to announce that the grant has increased to $6,000.”

DEADLINE: July 17.


Via Arab Fund for Arts and Culture:

“The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) is accepting applications for its film projects program.

AFAC’s cinema grants are open to all kinds of fiction film projects – shorts, medium- and feature-length, animation, essay, hybrid, experimental and others. AFAC offers funding for the development, production and post-production phases.

The program will provide up to US$10,000 to projects in development and up to US$50,000 for production and post-production.

Applications can be submitted in either Arabic or English.”

DEADLINE: August 1.

NON-FICTION FILMMAKERS (grants) by Bear Guerra

Via Independent Filmmaker Project:

“The IFP/HBO New True Stories Funding Initiative supports multi-format non-fiction storytellers who are in the early stages of development of new work, or who are bringing new work from non-traditional formats – such as print, audio/podcast, and digital – to a visual format. The Initiative supports a wide range of genres from emerging and experienced makers seeking to bring inspired non-fiction work visually to life via short form, feature length and serialized content. Grants will typically range from $10,000 – $30,000, depending on the scale and scope of the project.

Projects on the arts, humanities, contemporary societal and political issues, and personal documentaries with approaches that range from traditional and character-driven narratives or journalistic perspectives to those more adventurous, creatively risky and formally challenging will all be considered. The key element to supported projects will be that they are stories worth telling from compelling, distinctive and fresh points of view.

Initial grants will most often be used for research, treatment and narrative development, securing access, initial shooting and the production of work samples, trailers, etc. A grant from the fund would usually be the “first money in” from an outside source, though in some cases it could be a supplement to another initial small grant. The opportunity will exist for select grantees to receive follow-up grants for additional development. Projects considered for this grant should not have funding in place from any broadcast or digital platforms or any other US distribution entity. Projects receiving grants under this Initiative will be offered to HBO on a “first-look” basis, giving HBO the first opportunity to make an offer to develop them further.”



Via Filmmakers Without Borders:

Filmmakers Without Borders provides grants for narrative, documentary, experimental and new media projects in various stages of production.

Grant amounts range from U$100 to U$5,000 and can cover development, production, post-production and film festival applications.

Applicants must submit a variety of materials including a project proposal and a video essay.”