JEWISH WOMEN FREELANCE WRITERS (call for pitches) by Bear Guerra

Via Jewish Women’s Archive:
Jewish Women, Amplified welcomes pitches and high-quality submissions of original writing: essays, analyses, opinion pieces, and interviews. All pieces should be written from a Jewish, feminist, and/or historical perspective. We review poetry submissions on a case-by-case basis.

All submissions of finished work should be between 800 and 1,000 words. Pieces should be submitted as publication-ready as possible. If you're sending only a query, please include clips or writing samples. We reserve the right to edit submitted posts for content, clarity, and length, and will do so in dialogue with the writer.

While we are committed to celebrating the voices and contributions of Jewish women, we are not a space for self-promotion and will not accept written work that publicizes individuals, projects, or products that do not relate to our mission.”


CALIFORNIA WRITERS (call for stories, ongoing) by Bear Guerra

Via Boom California:

Boom California embraces work in many different formats, although we normally publish the short and long-form essays, which are refereed through a double-blind peer review process. We invite written, photographic, artistic, and multimedia submissions in all formats and lengths, with essays from 800 to approximately 8,000 words.

Topics of particular interest to Boom California include:

  • Immigration

  • Race

  • Inequality

  • Social Justice

  • Gender

  • Queer Studies

  • Labor

  • Latinx Population and Culture

  • Asian American Population and Culture

  • African American Population and Culture

  • Poverty

  • Social Movements

Within and across these topics, our goal is to highlight California within broader global contexts, exploring them through various underexplored cultural modalities, including but not limited to expressions in history, religion, food, the environment, crime, music, film, media, and elsewhere.”



Via Al Jazeera Contrast:

“Hi all — Al Jazeera Contrast, the network's VR/AR studio, is looking for an audio producer experienced in binaural audio recording for a very cool gig. The project is a 13-minute augmented reality drama story about gentrification in Harlem.

This person would:

  • Record and design soundscape for the scripted audio story

  • Identify and work with voice actors to record the audio script

  • Rent studio to record with voice actors

  • Edit and produce the audio story

  • Co-ordinate with AR developers to make sure the audio complements the AR triggers

Please send me an email ( with a brief introduction (just a few sentences is fine), a few links to work, and a resume if you think you might be a good fit for this.”



Via United States Holocaust Memorial Museum:

“The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) seeks a freelance writer to help create a physical exhibition and online experience on the subject of the ongoing persecution of the Rohingya in Burma (Myanmar). The Rohingya exhibition and website are being guest-curated by a photojournalist who has been documenting this story for over a decade.

The writer will be part of an in-house team working closely with the curator to tell the compelling story of the methodical and systematic efforts of Burmese authorities to erase the Rohingya community. While the writer will be responsible for creating all of the text, the curator will play a leading role in determining the narrative structure, storytelling components, voice and tone, and core messages.

The expected timeframe for the writer’s involvement is 10-12 weeks, beginning in early to mid-September 2019. The exhibition is scheduled to open at USHMM in late January 2020; the online experience will be made available at the same time.

DEADLINE: August 23.


FREELANCE BOOK REVIEWERS AND ANALYSTS (call for pitches, July 21) by Bear Guerra

Via High Country News:

“Each fall, High Country News produces its Books & Authors issue, showcasing some of the best and most exciting writing about the modern American West. We intend to surprise and delight our readers with interesting titles and writers, and with excellent longform essays and narratives. This year, we’re especially interested in highlighting diverse perspectives.

We're accepting pitches in the following categories:

  • Book excerpts

  • Book reviews

  • Author interviews

  • Author profiles

  • Essays”

DEADLINE: July 21.


SHORT FICTION WRITERS, POETS FOCUSED ON MOTHERHOOD (call for stories, August 1) by Bear Guerra


Via Mom Egg Review:

Mom Egg Review, a literary magazine about motherhood, seeks submissions for their 18th annual print issue, themed HOME. Poetry, short fiction, creative prose, and hybrid works. They also seek art focused on mothers and HOME.

Submissions are opening May 1, 2019 for the 18th annual print issue of Mom Egg Review/ MER, themed HOME. We publish literary work that is about mothering or motherhood; submissions for this issue should be about motherhood and this issue’s theme of HOME.

We seek work about motherhood in the context any of the many connotations of HOME. Some possibilities: Your childhood home, first apartment, the home you live in and create. Homelessness. Home land. Home base. Torn between homes. Also all the rooms of the home and what is done in them (kids’ room, kitchen, bedroom), the neighborhood, others’ homes, being away from home (hospital, travel), etc. Of course, as well, the earth is our home. The nature of “home”—is a home a place, a feeling, a center, a community? Can work be a home? Can a poem be a home?

We publish poetry, flash and short fiction, creative prose, and hybrid works (up to 850 words). We also seek mother-themed art.”

DEADLINE: August 1.

U.S. FREELANCE JOURNALISTS (free training) by Bear Guerra


Via GJS:

“Freelance journalists, journalism students and researchers can apply for this free training.

The 2Lives Steven Joel Sotloff Memorial Foundation Scholarship Program offers the Hostile Environments & Emergency First-Aid Training (HEFAT) June 5 to 7 in Miami, Florida.

Participants will learn about risk assessments and planning; situational awareness; emergency first aid; travel security; convoys and checkpoints; kidnapping risk reduction; basic digital hygiene; personal safety against street crime, sexual assault & hostile mobs; active shooter response; interrogations and captivity; resiliency, tactical breathing and stress management; and more.

The organizer will provide ground transportation, lodging and meals. Trainees must pay for their own airfare.”

DEADLINE: April 19.

FREELANCE CORRESPONDENTS IN VENEZUELA (security training) by Bear Guerra

Via ACOS Alliance:

“Freelancers covering the conflict in Venezuela: ACOS and the @AP are partnering to provide two bursaries for a HEFAT in Colombia later this month. Course provided by @GJSsecurity.

The course is mainly dedicated to those covering the conflict in Venezuela, and it will take place from Monday through Wednesday, March 25-27, 2019”

DEADLINE: March 14.