U.S. FREELANCE JOURNALISTS (free training) by Bear Guerra


Via GJS:

“Freelance journalists, journalism students and researchers can apply for this free training.

The 2Lives Steven Joel Sotloff Memorial Foundation Scholarship Program offers the Hostile Environments & Emergency First-Aid Training (HEFAT) June 5 to 7 in Miami, Florida.

Participants will learn about risk assessments and planning; situational awareness; emergency first aid; travel security; convoys and checkpoints; kidnapping risk reduction; basic digital hygiene; personal safety against street crime, sexual assault & hostile mobs; active shooter response; interrogations and captivity; resiliency, tactical breathing and stress management; and more.

The organizer will provide ground transportation, lodging and meals. Trainees must pay for their own airfare.”

DEADLINE: April 19.

FREELANCE CORRESPONDENTS IN VENEZUELA (security training) by Bear Guerra

Via ACOS Alliance:

“Freelancers covering the conflict in Venezuela: ACOS and the @AP are partnering to provide two bursaries for a HEFAT in Colombia later this month. Course provided by @GJSsecurity.

The course is mainly dedicated to those covering the conflict in Venezuela, and it will take place from Monday through Wednesday, March 25-27, 2019”

DEADLINE: March 14.