Via This American Life:

“Serial Productions is looking for an experienced Managing Editor with strong organizational and editorial skills to develop and manage the production of new podcasts and to help grow our young company.

Serial Productions was founded by the producers of the public radio show This American Life, and is the foremost creator of gripping, narrative podcasts. Our shows are the most listened-to in the world: The three seasons of Serial and the hit spin-off S-Town have been downloaded 560 million times and counting. Our non-fiction programming adheres to the highest journalistic standards -- and as a result has received the highest awards in broadcast journalism. 

The Managing Editor will work alongside Serial’s Executive Producer as a senior voice in show operations, marketing, and the editorial process.  We’re a small company with big ambitions so there’s plenty to do and a lot of room for new ideas, especially if they help us keep our shows running efficiently and strategically. More specifically, in this role you will:

  • Work with producers and creators to build and manage budgets

  • Develop production calendars and manage workflow

  • Recruit and hire production staff

  • Negotiate contracts with contributors and third-party licensors

  • Coordinate with our digital and operations teams to come up with distribution and marketing strategies for our shows, including website creation and multimedia content

  • Be a part of our editorial process, coordinating an executive editorial team and attending editorial and production meetings as part of this team

  • Spearhead and manage legal review processes for all content, including licensing of copyrighted material”


ASPIRING WOMEN PODCASTERS (retreat) by Bear Guerra

Via Be Your Change:

“For our first podcasting retreat, we have picked a jewel in the Arizona ecological crown, near Tucson. You probably have never heard of the El Coronado Ranch where only a few have ever had a chance to discover this magical property.  

What used to be a depleted land is now a beautiful ranch filled with wild animals, water and art.

The owner Valer Clark used to be an art teacher in New York but as a twist of life, she has spent the last 40 years restoring 130,000 acres of land on the border of Mexico and Arizona creating one of the few real-life land restoration experimentation studied by scientists around the world. A land restorator activist and permaculturist, Clark is not slowing down. She is a true inspiration to me and many others.

After 4 nights and 4 days, you will leave with:

clear action plan to get your podcast off the ground: from content creation to a marketing plan.

Basic audio editing skills

Basic voice placement and how to use your equipment and/or choose an equipment

Best tips and practices

A podcast trailer or episode.”

Wed, Nov 13 –   Sun, Nov 17, 2019

El Coronado Ranch, near Tucson, Arizona.



EDUCATIONAL AUDIO MAKERS (conference, October 9) by Bear Guerra

Via Ministry of Ideas:


Sound Education 2019 is a celebration of educational audio. Bringing together an exceptional group of speakers and participants, Sound Education is a unique chance to learn from (and party with) some of the smartest and most engaging voices in podcasting. Learn more at soundeducation.fm”

Wed, Oct 9, 2019, 6:00 PM –

Sat, Oct 12, 2019, 7:00 PM EDT

ASPIRING PODCASTERS (fellowship, September 16) by Bear Guerra

Via Maximum Fun:

Maximum Fun, is hiring another production fellow for 2019/2020. This is a full-time, entry-level position with health care, sick and personal time and more. We're looking for people who are getting started in podcasting / radio production: recent graduates, mid-career transitions, that sort of thing.

There's much more info about the position in the link below. Please feel free to cross post and share this with anyone you think might be a good fit for the job.”

DEADLINE: September 16.