Via LAist:

“We're looking to make podcasts that are:

  • Fueled by quality journalism. That means fact-based stories with impact.

  • Inspired by the "L.A. conversation," both actually and spiritually.

  • Any other stories — fact or fiction — that speak to who we are as Angelenos

So go on. Don't be shy. Head on over to laiststudios.com to pitch your idea and learn more about what we want to make.

We're listening. And we hope you will too.”




Via Vox Media:

“Recode is launching a first-of-its kind, thrice-weekly podcast to explain the most important tech news of the week. Grounded in Recode’s personality and authority, the show will deliver in-depth stories on how technology is changing everything.  We simply can no longer escape the future hurtling toward us, which is why understanding the technologies shaping our lives — and the companies creating and profiting off them — is fundamental to understanding the world we live in and the way we live in it.   

The show will provide essential coverage of the stories dominating the headlines—the impact of bots on our national elections, how AI will transform the global economy, consumer response to the latest iPhone release—and will also reflect Recode’s deep industry expertise, reporting what’s on the horizon from tech’s leading thinkers.

We’re looking for an experienced Executive Producer who can build on Recode’s track record in tech podcasting to create an insightful and compelling tech news show for general interest audiences.”



PODCAST PRODUCERS (job) by Bear Guerra

Via Gimlet:

“We’re looking for an experienced producer to join the team at Every Little Thing.

Do you get excited about exploring the tiny but important things in life? Are you the kind of person who would enjoy calling 75 TSA facilities in search of a missing snow globe?  Would you relish talking to every gila monster researcher on the continent to find out more about a hockey team mascot? If this sounds like you, maybe you should join us.

In this role you’ll be involved at every stage in making ELT stories come to life -- from selecting listener questions, to booking guests, writing scripts and creating assemblies. The ideal candidate has a journalism background, experience identifying and booking the best guests, and an ear for a good story.”


EXPERIENCED PODCAST FIELD PRODUCERS (gig, August/September 2019) by Bear Guerra

Via Pipi Films:

“Experienced field/talent producer wanted for podcast recoding in Los Angeles / Atlanta.

Pipi Films is in development with Audible for a second season of Pretty For An Aboriginal — a podcast hosted by two wildly talented and funny Australian Indigenous women @nakkiahlui and @missmirandtap.

The Australia-based series, originally commissioned by BuzzFeed, is going on the road for S2 and recording for 5-6 days in LA and Atlanta this August/September (exact dates TBD). A talented, reliable and well-connected producer (with experience producing for culture or politics shows) is needed to manage all elements of the US recording. If you’re interested please email EP Nicola Harvey at nicola@pipifilms.com

PS: Open to all — travel budget available for the right producer. 

If you’re interested please email EP Nicola Harvey at nicola@pipifilms.com.”



Via Tamarindo Podcast:

“Join us for an interactive workshop and walk away with practical tools and tips to start your podcast today! You will learn how to develop great content, grow your audience, and get advice from a sound engineer with 15 years of experience. Learn what should be in your podcast starter kit, what it takes to sound excellent, and learn from our experience as creators of Tamarindo podast.

Tue, July 23, 2019

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM PDT”



ASPIRING WOMEN OF COLOR PODCASTERS (free training and resources) by Bear Guerra

Via Spotify:

“While women of color have been breaking ground in podcasting, we know there’s more work to be done and more voices to be heard. That’s why Spotify created Sound Up, an immersive accelerator to create space and provide resources for new podcasters. You don’t need any experience; all you need is an idea.

As a part of Sound Up, you’ll develop your idea through a free, weeklong program covering technical production, storytelling through audio, marketing your podcast, and developing the skills and confidence to create your podcast pilot.

At the end of the week, you’ll have the opportunity to pitch your idea to a panel of industry experts, who will then select 3 participants to each receive $10,000 to fund the production of five episodes of your podcast idea.”

DEADLINE: June 21.


ASPIRING WOMEN PODCASTERS (scholarships) by Bear Guerra

Via Werk It:

“We are able to offer a limited number of scholarships to students, freelancers, and nonprofit employees who would otherwise be unable to attend. Applications will be considered on an individual basis (e.g. applications of co-hosts will be reviewed separately). Before applying, please review our application criteria here. Recipients will be notified on or around August 1, 2019. 

Scholarships will cover the cost of conference attendance. Recipients will be responsible for all travel expenses (including food and lodging) and for tickets to other festival events.”

DEADLINE: July 15.




Via Carey Institute for Global Good:

“Founded in 2015, the Logan Nonfiction Program directly supports nonfiction writers, documentary filmmakers, photojournalists and multimedia creators so they can tell the stories that matter. Our fellows are dedicated to bravely revealing inequality, illuminating untold truths and investigating the most pressing issues of the day through long-form narrative.

Ultimately, the Logan Nonfiction Program helps to equip citizens with the information they need to lead constructive discourse and create sustainable change in our world.”

DEADLINE: June 15.



PODCAST PRODUCERS (job) by Bear Guerra

Via Stitcher:

“We are hiring a Producer to join a new team creating original content focused on diverse talent and promoting inclusivity in podcasting. If you have a knack for spotting talent, enjoy fully fleshing out complex concepts, and using your creativity to give a project that extra touch, this role is for you! Your main responsibilities will include creating show prep for talent, audio editing shows, directing talent during studio sessions and for scripted series providing editorial feedback during post production. Our ideal candidate has at least 4-5 years’ experience in creating, producing and editing compelling audio narratives, a passion for innovative audio storytelling, and familiarity with the current podcast landscape.”

DEADLINE: June 14.




Via Invisibilia:

“The Senior Editor is a key editorial position on a highly creative and collaborative team. As Senior Editor you help conceive of and execute stories for Invisibilia’s podcast feed as well as related broadcast elements. You are a writer with flair and accuracy, and an interest in science and human behavior.  You write and support writing with flair and accuracy. You have an interest in science and human behavior.

A minimum of eight years’ journalism is required and candidates will have long-form audio narrative experience. This position is based in Washington, DC.”



ASPIRING PODCASTERS (funding) by Bear Guerra


Via Podfund:

“Welcome to the Podfund application! The mission of Podfund is to support emerging creator-led, audio-first media companies (solo creators, studios, agencies, networks). We are looking for extraordinary early stage podcasters with potential for growth, revenue, and profitability.

All data provided in applications is considered private and confidential. We evaluate applicants on an ongoing basis and make a handful of funding decisions each month. If your application looks like a good fit, we'll reach out for more information. If you do not hear from us immediately, you still may be considered in a subsequent month. 

Once you create an account, you will be able to save your application and submit later. If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQs or reach out to info@pod.fund.”



Via The View from Somewhere:

Who you are: Our ideal editorial consultant(s) is an audio nerd who’s comfortable and familiar with discussing oppression and intersectionality, and has a keen ear for dynamics of power and privilege in storytelling. They would have experience with narrative structure in radio or podcast, and experience helping take someone else’s story from good to great. They should also be reliable and good with deadlines. Ideally this person identifies with more than one community underrepresented in mainstream media; southerners, POC and LGBTQ folks are encouraged to apply!

The gig: Our small production team is developing, writing, editing, and mixing episodes 20-35 minutes in length. Your role would be to sweep in near the end of the process, listen to an episode, and provide constructive feedback (by phone and in writing) on story structure, character, voice, and issues of power, diversity and representation in the piece. You would help us strategize about how to improve, and be a keen ear helping us make this podcast a meaningful experience for people of multiple backgrounds. You will NOT be line-editing, writing, doing story development, or seeing us through all the way to the end of production; this is purely a consultant role. We can pay $300 per episode and the consulting work per episode should not exceed 6 hours or $50/hour. We expect to complete drafts of episodes 1-2 times a month for the next six months.”


ASPIRING PODCAST WRITERS (free course) by Bear Guerra

Via Poynter:

“Thinking about writing for #podcasts? Check out this online course, "Writing for the Ear" -- you can take it anytime for free!

The need to write effectively for audio coincides with the industry’s overall shift toward digital storytelling. Audio matters in broadcast and online ― and to every newsroom with a digital presence. Writing well for audio ultimately means telling compelling stories and communicating information to time-pressed listeners ― core skills for a 21st century journalist.

This requires a dramatic shift in the way we have been taught to write. In school, our teachers rewarded long, complex sentences with multiple commas and parenthetical clauses that showed we have mastered the basic rules of grammar, spelling and syntax while exhibiting critical thought, nuanced arguments and SAT-level vocabulary. Great writing, we have been taught, is meant to be read ― silently.

“Writing for the Ear” will teach you that great writing can also be spoken.”


STORYTELLERS FROM RURAL CALIFORNIA (call for stories) by Bear Guerra

Via Cal Ag Roots:

“We're looking for people from rural California who want to partner with us in 2019 to produce a podcast that tells a story about their community--and an important moment in the history of farming in California.

Selected story co-producers will be paid a $2000 stipend for working with the Cal Ag Roots Team from June-December, 2019, to produce a twenty-minute podcast that will be released in the fall of 2019. Story co-producers will identify a potential story and work with Cal Ag Roots to conduct interviews, write podcast scripts, record narration and edit audio for the piece. No podcast or audio production experience necessary! Time spent on the story will vary, but we anticipate each podcast will require a time commitment of approximately 4-6 hours/week, over roughly 6 months.

To apply to be a story co-producer, please send an email to Project Director Ildi Carlisle-Cummins at icarlisle-cummins@cirsinc.org that includes: 1) a brief introduction of yourself, 2) your interest in this project, 3) a story idea (or ideas) about a key moment in California farming history that is related to your community.

(Photo shout out to the super-talented photographer Samuel Contreras, powerful poet Aideed Medina (pictured) and muralist Tim Z. Hernandez and the Tamejavi Institute for the beautiful Crack of Dawn painting on display at the #ruraljusticesummit)”


PODCAST PRODUCERS (job) by Bear Guerra

Via Gimlet Media:

We’re looking for an experienced producer to join the team at Every Little Thing.

“Do you get excited about exploring the tiny but important things in life? Are you the kind of person who would enjoy calling 75 TSA facilities in search of a missing snow globe?  Would you relish talking to every gila monster researcher on the continent to find out more about a hockey team mascot? If this sounds like you, maybe you should join us.

In this role you’ll be involved at every stage in making ELT stories come to life -- from selecting listener questions, to booking guests, writing scripts and creating assemblies. The ideal candidate has a journalism background, experience identifying and booking the best guests, and an ear for a good story.”


SPANISH-SPEAKING AUDIO PRODUCERS (call for stories) by Bear Guerra

Via Adonde Media:

“Calling all Spanish speaking producers to pitch stories for @duolingo spanish podcast.

Esta convocatoria está abierta a hablantes nativos de español (o cualquier persona que desee contar la historia de un hablante nativo de español) con experiencia en periodismo o escritura.

También aceptamos propuestas de cualquier persona que tenga una historia en primera persona para compartir. Contamos con editores que pueden escribirla.

Simplemente estamos buscando historias reales que hayan sido vividas por personas reales. Si bien la experiencia en periodismo se considera un plus, no es necesario tener experiencia con podcasts o contenido de audio.”

DEADLINE: April 28.




Via House of Pod:

From the Margins to the Center is the first podcast incubator of its kind in Denver, Colorado.

This month-long program will take place at  House of Pod in Denver, Colorado for 28 contact hours of podcast instruction over four weeks. The program will include a keynote session with  Juleyka Lantigua-Williams, who founded an independent production company, weekly classes, a one-year membership to the House of Pod recording studio, and access to open drop-in sessions. Additionally, participants will be paired with leading women producers of color as their mentors.

The most promising producer from the program, as selected by the AMPED Board, will be eligible for a $5,000 grant to support the first season of their podcast. The incubator will be free for all participants, and childcare during each class will be included. Housing and transportation will not be included, so the program may be more convenient, though not limited to, aspiring local producers.”




ASPIRING PODCAST PRODUCERS (fellowship) by Bear Guerra


Via Western Sound:

“Western Sound, an audio production company based in Los Angeles, Calif., has an production fellowship program for people starting their careers in audio and podcasting.

What is a production fellowship program? It’s just like an internship program, but instead of being aimed at students and for college credit, it’s paid and for anyone starting their career in audio.

Our fellowship program is designed to give you editorial, production and business training to help start your career in podcasting. We encourage people from diverse backgrounds to apply (people of color, women, gender non-binary, LGBTQ, immigrants, underrepresented regions / areas / cultures).

Our apprenticeship program will teach you a lot about:

  • What makes a great podcast

  • How to make great podcasts, including field recording, interviewing and producing

  • The logistics that go into podcast production

  • Podcasting strategies

  • The overall podcast industry

You’ll work directly with our team of producers and help make our shows. You’ll gain real production experience, including: research and reporting, field producing, cutting tape, and mixing. You’ll learn about the business side and why we make the shows we do. You’ll help us keep our office running smoothly (not gonna lie, there’s some housekeeping and gophering too). You’ll also produce for our in-house podcast.

At the end of our fellowship program, you’ll have made at least one thing for your reel and have valuable new experiences you’ll take with you to your next job application.”