Via Arizona Public Media:

“Arizona Public Media (AZPM) is seeking a Senior Radio News and Public Affairs Reporter to cover border and immigration. You’ll join a growing team of reporters who create unique stories about the southwest for our Southern Arizona radio and online audiences. The successful candidate will be an accomplished audio reporter who tells stories with sound, looks for the new and especially the local angles in the midst of a national debate about border and immigration policies.

High-quality work on deadline will be essential in our multimedia environment, as will the ability to work cohesively with a team, both internally with the news and production staff members and externally with partner stations.

The primary assignment of this position will be reporting on the Arizona-Mexico border region by producing daily news spots and longer-form features.

AZPM is an editorially independent, member-supported, non-profit public media organization serving Southern Arizona, and is provided as a community service of the University of Arizona (UA). AZPM utilizes advanced digital transmission technology to deliver three channels of public television, three channels of radio, online, and educational outreach services to audiences of all or portions of eleven Arizona counties. AZPM is committed to being a source of information that promotes thoughtful conversation and community collaboration by bringing people and ideas together.”

WOMEN OF COLOR IN RADIO (mentorship, September 30) by Bear Guerra

Via AIR:

“Women reporters of color are still vastly underrepresented across U.S. newsrooms and media industries. To bring more sustainable support to this group of makers, AIR is excited to launch Claiming the Rad in Radio Fellowship, a mentorship program designed to provide career pathways, resources, networking opportunities and advice for women of color in media.

Claiming the Rad in Radio will pair five mentors with five women-identifying makers of color for five months. During that time, mentor-mentee pairs will have five contact hours for coaching and discussions around topics like career transitions, assertiveness on the job, dealing with race and gender bias, salary/pay negotiations and finding/creating community for self care.

Throughout the mentorship period, mentees will have exclusive access to five webinars specifically designed for the fellowship cohort and their mentorship discussion topics. We’re bringing together a line-up of incredible women in the industry to serve as mentors, including Independent Storyteller Dmae Roberts, fundraising expert Alyce Myatt, CEO Juleyka Lantigua Williams of Lantigua Williams & Co., Audience and Innovation Director Kim Bui of AZ Central, and Editor and Reporter Carmel Delshad of WAMU.”

DEADLINE: September 30.

ASPIRING PODCAST MAKERS IN BAY AREA (workshop, September 16) by Bear Guerra

Via The Kitchen Sisters:

“Time again for The Kitchen Sisters Interviewing, Recording & Podcasting Workshop. Davia Nelson is holding two workshops on Monday, September 16th in Francis Coppola's historic Zoetrope building in San Francisco. This three-hour session is designed for those who want to acquire and hone their skills for an array of audio projects — podcasts, radio, online stories, storytelling, oral histories, family histories, news, documentaries and other multimedia platforms.

We cover interviewing and miking techniques, sound gathering, original, imaginative story structure, use of archival audio, field recording techniques, recording equipment, how to make interviewees comfortable, how to frame evocative questions that make for compelling storytelling, how to build a story, how to find your voice and how to listen (which is harder than it looks). We also talk podcasting. Serious talk about getting your podcast going and giving it a real sound.”


FREELANCE RADIO PRODUCERS (call for pitches, September 16) by Bear Guerra


Via Making Contact:

“Making Contact produces media that analyses critical issues and showcases grassroots solutions in order to inform and inspire audiences to action. We are accepting pitches for 7-10 minute segments or 29-minute documentaries for upcoming shows in our Fall schedule.

We’re looking for both new radio pieces, or potential audio material that has previously aired non-exclusively (radio features, video docs, sound-rich podcasts etc.)

Although we’re always looking for stories on a variety of topics (so send those over, too), we’re particularly interested in the following list.

Please see our submission guidelines for more info on our style guidelines and pay rates. Your work will air on our 151 affiliate stations and on our podcast.

Please submit pitches to by September 16th


Prisons and People in Prison

  • Re-entry.

  • We’re seeking segments on post-release monitoring or surveillance – such as changes to the parole process, an exploration of monitoring and the use of algorithms, Life Without Parole, women in prison, and plea bargains.. What new solutionary approaches are there for success when our community members come back home? We’re more interested in stories of people working together than those finding individual one-off solutions.

  • Tech and prison.

    • The modern prison system isn’t just a physical space – these days it’s virtual: breathalysers used in DUI cases; surveillance or predictive policing; tracking online activity are some examples. How do we grapple with these new technologies and how do people fight them?


  • New stories from the border

  • We’re looking for illustrative, character-driven, myth-busting stories. What’s happening at the border? Why are people immigrating and what’s it like when they get here? And we love historical context! So bring on the history, economics and politics!

  • Climate refugees

  • How have rising seas and temperatures forced people to move? how is the world responding to such an unprecedented mass migration? How are island communities or people of color and the poor living on the coastline fighting to secure their safety and homes?

  • Rise of right wing nationalism

  • White nationalists, but also hindu nationalists, buddhist nationalists etc have always used immigrants as a scapegoat. How are we seeing this echoed across the world? Who belongs where? What about stateless people? What’s being hidden when governments expel the most vulnerable from their borders?

Reproductive Justice and Women of Color

  • Abortion access.

  • We’re seeing attacks on abortion all across the US with access to abortion rapidly decreasing. What’s the role of religious fundamentalism or the role of Catholic hospitals? What’s happening on the level of schools and colleges and availability of birth control and abortion healthcare on campus? How are students organizing? How are people organizing to maintain and expand abortion access. Stories need to empahsize the intersection of race and gender and the particular impact of abortion access on the young, poor+working class women of color.

  • Criminalization of reproductive access.

  • Women are being criminally punished for miscarriage or inducing abortion. We want to hear about the push to punish women, especially women of color or women from states in which abortion is not readily available. Again, what’s being done to protect women?

  • Comprehensive Reproductive Justice

    • Beyond access to abortion or birth control, Reproductive Justice includes the right to raise any children we do have with dignity in a safe, healthy, and supportive environment. Pitch us stories exploring ways women are dismantling health and social inequalities throughout our life cycles, and across our multiple realities of race, immigration status, queer and trans bodies, incarceration, age and geography.

White Supremacy and the Right Wing 

  • The historical roots of white supremacy.

  • The recent wave of white supremacy raging across the United States, and the internationally isn’t new “How are people confronting and dismantling it while exploring its history, financial backing, and the role police and governments? We’re seeking innovative stories about the history of white supremacy here and abroad and ways organizers are confronting that past.

  • Voter disenfranchisement and the ballot in 2020.

    • How are people of color dissuaded or prevented from voting and exercising our/their political voice? How are white supremacists actively securing the voting booth again people of color in 2020. What are activists doing to stop voter disenfranchisement and protect the right to vote?

Climate Change and Climate Justice

  • Grassroots Insurgency:

    • Pitch us stories that aren’t just about the coming apocalypse. Instead, stories that complicate the idea that we’ll be easily eradicated or that there’s no hope. How are people preparing to adapt to a changing climate? What’s going to make a difference in the coming decades? How are people organizing in their towns, communities or local jurisdictions? We’re looking for your stories that reframe the inevitability of global warming as a time for radical hope and imagination.

    • Corporate Accountability and Water Privatization: We’re looking to build upon our past coverage of this issue spanning realms of environment, democracy and corporations attempting to privatize municipal water systems, and communities responding. We have a segment underway in ME and we’re interested in working with freelancers in areas such as Pittsburg, Flint, Lagos and youran update to the story of Flint, MI? It’s one of the worst examples of water supply contamination and inadequate responses. Also, one population that has endured generations of poverty, disputes over water rights, and a lack of plumbing infrastructure live throughout the Navajo Nation (Utah, New Mexico, Arizona), where nearly half of all people must get their water from pumps outside of the home. We’re looking for stories about the barriers to clean water access on Native American reservations, and what people are doing to improve access to clean water.”

    DEADLINE: September 16

PODCAST EDITOR (PT job) by Bear Guerra

Via KCRW’s Bodies:

“For our Story Editor for season 2 of Bodies, we’re looking for a seasoned editor who’s worked in audio documentary. This person should have a keen sense of narrative and ability to give thoughtful and critical feedback.

Each episode of this critically acclaimed podcast is the journey of one woman (inclusively defined and inclusive of non-binary people) to solve their medical mystery. Bodies is a feminist documentary show that combines intimate, nuanced storytelling with health reporting to uncover the layers that affect women’s health, like racism, patriarchy, and capitalism. Bodies is supported by Southern California public radio station KCRW.”

RADIO AND PODCAST MAKERS (travel stipend, August 16) by Bear Guerra

Via Third Coast International Audio Festival:

“For the first time ever, we are offering application-based Travel Stipends to audiomakers seeking to attend the 2019 Third Coast Conference. These stipends are for those who demonstrate need for assistance to cover the costs of their travel to & stay in Chicago. Apply here!

Travel Stipends are a project of the Third Coast Fund & inspired by this community, made possible through a seed grant from the Manaaki Foundation as well as a few incredibly generous individuals.”

DEADLINE: August 16.



Via LAist:

“We're looking to make podcasts that are:

  • Fueled by quality journalism. That means fact-based stories with impact.

  • Inspired by the "L.A. conversation," both actually and spiritually.

  • Any other stories — fact or fiction — that speak to who we are as Angelenos

So go on. Don't be shy. Head on over to to pitch your idea and learn more about what we want to make.

We're listening. And we hope you will too.”



Via NPR:

“NPR's Science Desk is seeking a seasoned journalist to help cover climate change and how it is reshaping our lives. Climate science is evolving fast and the data it provides is helping governments, citizens and businesses react and adapt as they struggle to cope with the warming climate. 

The ideal candidate will have expertise in climate science and be able to find the narratives that make it relevant to people.  We're looking for someone who loves storytelling and is curious about the social and economic changes driven by shifts in climate and weather.

This position will follow research on attribution of extreme events, environmental, biological and health effects of global warming and new developments in global weather. The reporter will serve as a climate science policy watchdog, and - along with our broader climate team - help hold federal and state agencies and Congress accountable.  The reporter will also follow major international science policy, such as IPCC reports and multilateral agreements, and occasionally attend international meetings.”

SCIENCE REPORTERS (job, August 16) by Bear Guerra

Via Oregon Public Radio:

“OPB is looking for a Science Reporter/Content Producer to join our Science and Environment team. We seek someone with a keen sense for stories of wonder, advancement, and scientific breakthroughs that will inspire and inform a Northwest audience. This hourly, non-exempt position is a full time, regular status position with benefits.

The Science Reporter/Content Producer researches, reports, and produces science features and news on a regular basis for digital, broadcast and social media. This reporter will balance occasional daily deadlines as well as long-term deadlines for special features and projects. In addition to radio and online reporting work, the Science Reporter/Content Producer employs a variety of digital tools to explain and illustrate science to a diverse audience in visually striking ways. The Science Reporter crafts stories at the intersection of science and culture that cover the spectrum of (but are not limited to) technology, engineering, biomedical, astrophysics, genetics, chemistry, earth sciences, and the environment.”

DEADLINE: August 16.




“KCRW’s 7th Annual 24-hour Radio Race begins at 10 a.m. PST August 10 and lasts through 10 a.m. PST August 11. You’ll have just 24 hours to write, record and edit a four-minute nonfiction radio story.

Whether you’re a seasoned news reporter, a freelance audio producer or someone who wants to try radio for the first time, we encourage you to participate. All levels are welcome!

You can join as an individual or as a team of your creation.

We’ll air the top three winning pieces on KCRW. And remember: the Radio Race is more than just an overnight competition. It’s an opportunity to produce the most original piece of radio anyone will hear in 2019. Think big, people!”

DEADLINE: August 6.


CULTURAL/MUSIC RADIO HOSTS (job, July 9) by Bear Guerra

Via World Café:

WXPN is looking for a host/producer for World Cafe, its 2 hour daily national music program distributed by NPR. S/he will primarily be responsible for interviewing guests, writing and recording the daily show, and collaborating with World Cafe staff on various production elements for radio and digital.
BA/BS or equivalent experience required. A minimum of five years of outstanding experience in on-air radio presentation including music programming, producing and interviewing required. Exceptional knowledge of a wide range of contemporary music and excellent storytelling, journalism and interviewing skills are essential. Must have the ability to produce a full range of music radio and digital programming content. Must have strong social medial skills. Ideal candidate must have a successful history of managing a demanding workload, excellent people skills, and an ability to lead. This position requires formal and informal public appearances. Candidate should possess excellent technical skills & experience using Pro Tools to produce

Formal application for this position MUST be made through the University of Pennsylvania Online Employment System on the website. When you “search open positions” enter the job reference no.81-32259, and click on “search.”


ASPIRING RADIO MAKERS (internship, July 7) by Bear Guerra

Via Israel Story:

“Come live in Jerusalem for 5 months and produce great radio!
Israel Story is now accepting applications for our internship starting in September 2019. We tell the extraordinary true stories of ordinary people in Israel and the region.

Get involved in every step of podcast production by joining a team dedicated to high-quality content. Work with your intern-manager to gain the skills and experience you want, while learning how the organization operates.”




“Have you always wanted to make radio but weren't sure where to start? Are you an experienced producer who wants to break free from your daily routine? No matter what your level of expertise, KCRW’s 7th annual Radio Race is calling your name.

This year’s Race begins at 10 a.m. PT August 10 and ends 10 a.m. PT August 11. You’ll have 24 hours to write, record and edit a four-minute nonfiction radio story of your choice.

The winning teams will be awarded cash prizes and their radio stories will air on KCRW. But remember: the Radio Race is more than an overnight competition. It’s an opportunity to produce the most original piece of radio anyone will hear in 2019.

Interested in participating? Subscribe to the Independent Producer Project newsletter below and be the first notified when sign-ups open this summer.”