ASPIRING WOMEN PODCASTERS (retreat) by Bear Guerra

Via Be Your Change:

“For our first podcasting retreat, we have picked a jewel in the Arizona ecological crown, near Tucson. You probably have never heard of the El Coronado Ranch where only a few have ever had a chance to discover this magical property.  

What used to be a depleted land is now a beautiful ranch filled with wild animals, water and art.

The owner Valer Clark used to be an art teacher in New York but as a twist of life, she has spent the last 40 years restoring 130,000 acres of land on the border of Mexico and Arizona creating one of the few real-life land restoration experimentation studied by scientists around the world. A land restorator activist and permaculturist, Clark is not slowing down. She is a true inspiration to me and many others.

After 4 nights and 4 days, you will leave with:

clear action plan to get your podcast off the ground: from content creation to a marketing plan.

Basic audio editing skills

Basic voice placement and how to use your equipment and/or choose an equipment

Best tips and practices

A podcast trailer or episode.”

Wed, Nov 13 –   Sun, Nov 17, 2019

El Coronado Ranch, near Tucson, Arizona.


ASPIRING PODCAST MAKERS IN BAY AREA (workshop, September 16) by Bear Guerra

Via The Kitchen Sisters:

“Time again for The Kitchen Sisters Interviewing, Recording & Podcasting Workshop. Davia Nelson is holding two workshops on Monday, September 16th in Francis Coppola's historic Zoetrope building in San Francisco. This three-hour session is designed for those who want to acquire and hone their skills for an array of audio projects — podcasts, radio, online stories, storytelling, oral histories, family histories, news, documentaries and other multimedia platforms.

We cover interviewing and miking techniques, sound gathering, original, imaginative story structure, use of archival audio, field recording techniques, recording equipment, how to make interviewees comfortable, how to frame evocative questions that make for compelling storytelling, how to build a story, how to find your voice and how to listen (which is harder than it looks). We also talk podcasting. Serious talk about getting your podcast going and giving it a real sound.”


LADY PHOTOGRAPHERS IN LATIN AMERICA (workshop, September 15) by Bear Guerra

Via Women Photograph:

“This four-day workshop for women and non-binary photographers will involve skills-building sessions, artist talks, portfolio reviews, and hostile environment training.

December 12-15, 2019
Quito, Ecuador
Registration Fee: $80 USD
Travel stipends available.”

DEADLINE: September 15.


WOMEN JOURNALISTS (safety training, September 15) by Bear Guerra



The International Women's Media Foundation is thrilled to offer its second security training for journalists based in the United States. We are committed to helping improve the ability of journalists to report safely in an increasingly complex world. This initiative is supported by the Grant for Equity in Reporting from the CBS Corporation. The four day HEFAT course, offered with RPS Partnership, will take place in Phoenix, Arizona from November 13-16, 2019. It will be designed for US-based, women-identifying journalists with at least one year of full time professional journalism experience and a special emphasis will be placed on how to report safely from the United States' southern border. The IWMF will select up to 20 journalists to participate and seeks to support journalists who have not had the opportunity to receive security training, especially journalists from underrepresented backgrounds, and journalists who report from the United States' southern border. The IWMF will arrange travel and lodging for all participants.”

DEADLINE: September 15.

ASPIRING TRAVEL WRITERS IN SPANISH (workshop, August 10) by Bear Guerra


Via Periodistas Viajeros:

“Interested in travel journalism? Spanish-speaking journalists can apply for a seven-week, online workshop from Periodistas Viajeros. Starting mid-August. Cost is US$185 and registration is ongoing.

El taller buscará dar las herramientas necesarias para que los participantes puedan encarar un gran viaje (o recuperar material de viajes pasados) para narrar historias a partir de la escritura de crónicas de viaje, fotografías, redes sociales y medios audiovisuales. Trabajaremos diversas técnicas para descubrir y analizar las experiencias que nos entrega el camino y encontrar historias y personajes que puedan transmitir emociones y reflexiones.”

DEADLINE: August 10.


Via Museo Franz Mayer:

“Adquiere conocimientos teóricos y prácticos básicos para la adecuada toma de fotografías, así como información sobre los diferentes materiales y posibilidades creativas; conoce el lenguaje de la imagen y desarrolla fotografías con una intención específica.

Obtendrás conocimientos sobre el fotoperiodismo, desarrollo de habilidades del reportero gráfico, así como conceptos creativos y plásticos de este género.

Desarrolla y comprende los valores ético-profesionales requeridos en el ejercicio fotoperiodístico actual.

Imparte: Rocío Ortiz. Todos los sábados en el mes de agosto.”


JOURNALISTS (engagement workshop) by Bear Guerra


Via Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas:

“There is a lot of content fighting for attention in today’s media ecosystem. That’s why it’s special when someone decides to land on your page, flip open your publication or view your program.

But how do you find out who those people are and figure out how to keep them coming back? How do you attract even more people so that your news organization’s reporting can reach more people in a more engaged way?

The next Big Online Course (BOC) from the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas will help you answer those questions.

Register today for “Knowing your audience: strategies for increasing the reach and engagement of your journalism,” and join instructor Amanda Zamora, chief audience officer for The Texas Tribune, for this four-week course that runs from July 15 to Aug. 11, 2019.”

ARTISTS AND TEACHERS IN LOS ANGELES (call for ideas, August 15) by Bear Guerra


Via Women’s Center for Creative Work:

“WCCW is now taking proposals for workshops, discussions, projects, and performances to take place during the Fall (September–November) of 2019!

This fall we’ll be presenting programs on WORK & LABOR, in conversation with the work of our fall artist in residence, Ahree Lee. We’re looking for programs — talks, workshops, discussions, performances, immersive experiences, screenings, etc. — that address labor that is visible and invisible, compensated and uncompensated, creative, technical, intellectual, conceptual and/or emotional.

Where is the boundary between work and leisure? What places and spaces do we think of as workplaces? How is invisible labor made visible? How is labor gendered, queered, and/or racialized? What labor is valued and compensated, and why? And how do we think about our labor — and our time — outside of colonial, patriarchal, and/or capitalist frameworks? These are some of the questions we’re thinking of — feel free to propose your own!

These programs will be offered during September, October, and November 2019.”

DEADLINE: August 15.


Via International Center for Journalists:

“Join @ICFJ and @OCCRP for an online course on covering criminal financial operations. Apply by 5/15 #LatAm and Caribbean journalists are eligible to apply.

The course "Following the money across borders" will be conducted in English May 20 to June 20.

Participants will learn how to expose criminal financial infrastructures, what money laundering is and how it works across borders, how the international banking system is used to commit crimes and more.”

DEADLINE: May 15. 



Via Dart Center:

“This workshop, to be held September 19-22, 2019 at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, is designed for local, regional and international reporters across diverse beats touching refugees, migration and children: education, public health, politics, policy, as well as particular refugee and borders crises.

The four-day workshop will bring journalists together with internationally-recognized scientists, policy experts, and practitioners from the field of early childhood development to discuss the effects of trauma on developing brains, the special early-childhood issues raised by displacement and family separation, and evidence-based interventions that support nurturing care amid adversity. The workshop will also offer journalist-to-journalist discussions of craft and ethics, source development, and collaboration among participants, as well as best practices for telling compelling stories about this profoundly vulnerable population.

The workshop will be conducted in English.”


ASPIRING PODCAST WRITERS (free course) by Bear Guerra

Via Poynter:

“Thinking about writing for #podcasts? Check out this online course, "Writing for the Ear" -- you can take it anytime for free!

The need to write effectively for audio coincides with the industry’s overall shift toward digital storytelling. Audio matters in broadcast and online ― and to every newsroom with a digital presence. Writing well for audio ultimately means telling compelling stories and communicating information to time-pressed listeners ― core skills for a 21st century journalist.

This requires a dramatic shift in the way we have been taught to write. In school, our teachers rewarded long, complex sentences with multiple commas and parenthetical clauses that showed we have mastered the basic rules of grammar, spelling and syntax while exhibiting critical thought, nuanced arguments and SAT-level vocabulary. Great writing, we have been taught, is meant to be read ― silently.

“Writing for the Ear” will teach you that great writing can also be spoken.” 

ASPIRING FREELANCE STORYTELLERS (free workshop) by Bear Guerra

Via Independent Producer Project:

“Join us for an all-day workshop with independent producer Gina Delvac of Call Your Girlfriend and KCRW’s own Don’t @ Me. She'll lead a conversation about best business practices — everything from what's up with the LA City business tax to why you should get a business bank account — and we'll take time to discuss the emotional components of getting paid. Money can be fraught; we'll do a handful of exercises that help us overcome the angst and negotiate for what we're worth.

*This course is intended for audio producers and will focus on best practices for those working in the audio industry.

**Space is limited. Please fill out this form and we will be in touch by May 6 to confirm your spot.

Saturday, May 18
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

KCRW headquarters
1660 Stewart Street
Santa Monica
California, 90404”


JOURNALISTS IN MEXICO (workshop) by Bear Guerra

Via Periodistas de a Pie:

“Journalists, students and activists can apply for this workshop.

Periodistas de a Pie organizes "Geographies of violence or how to cover femicides in Mexico" March 23 in Mexico City.

Journalist Lydiette Carrión will teach participants five basic steps to cover this type of crime in a responsible manner.

The cost of the workshop is MXN800 (US$41). Scholarships are available.”

DEADLINE: March 20.


ASPIRING AUDIO MAKERS (workshops and scholarships) by Bear Guerra

Via Transom:

“This summer we’re headed to three locations across the country where local partners will host our week-long Traveling Workshop. Rob Rosenthal will be the lead instructor for the workshops, along with a teaching assistant at each location. These workshops are geared toward beginners. Scholarships available.

More information, including links to applications:

Catalina Island, California: June 2 – June 8, 2019

Allston, MA: June 10 – June 16, 2019

Austin, Texas: August 4 – August 10, 2019”