ZINE PRODUCERS (call for volunteers) by Bear Guerra

Via Pop-Up Magazine:

Pop-Up Zine is a DIY opportunity for fans of Pop-Up Magazine—or of creative collaborations in general—to create their own unique versions of our “live-magazine” experience in their local communities.

The content, contributors, and locations of each Pop-Up Zine will be unique but will contain the following elements:

  • 1 live-narrated photo essay

  • 1 live-narrated, reported, print-style story

  • 1 short documentary film

  • 1 onstage interview

  • 1 live-narrated radio story

  • 1 or 2 live songs from a local musician or band (optional)

Each Pop-Up Zine lasts around 60 minutes and is intended for venues with a stage, a microphone, a screen, and enough space for 50-200 people.

This is a volunteer position.”